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A sensationally stunning artist based out of Los Angeles, California, young Isabella García is making insightful new music that is creating an incredibly positive impact on the hearts & minds of listeners found all around the globe.  Writing beautifully empowering songs designed to truly uplift & inspire, Isabella proves with every note she sings & plays that her music can bring people together.  With her own unique blend of comforting sound, vibrant hooks, and spectacularly colorful passion, her innovative melodies that reveal the sparkling magic of the universal language we all so proudly share between us.

Isabella embraced her extraordinary connection with music in her early childhood years and has continued to let it guide her through life every step of the way.  Learning, practicing, and playing just about every instrument she could get her hands on, Isabella committed to her dreams from day one and has put everything she has into her art, music, and craft, ever since.  She’d go on to garner an impressive resume of abilities, skills, and talents, learning guitar, sitar, dulcimer, bass, and drums, in addition to refining her own exotic & charismatic vocal-style throughout the next decade to follow.  Isabella García was on a mission to awaken the spirit & soul of the people through a pure sensory experience in music.

Also an award-winning poetess, Isabella’s natural gift with words translated perfectly into her lyrics & songwriting.  Combined with her expressive & emotive style that echoes the sentiment & meanings of her words, she makes a lasting connection to listeners through her genuine sincerity and authenticity.  Isabella makes music for the sole purpose of making the world around us all a better place – the people out there feel that through her songs – she sees life through the most beautiful of lenses & with the remarkable attention to detail she puts into her writing & performances, she’s able to share her vision.

With all the right pieces in place and a growing set of amazing new songs, Isabella confidently began to step into the spotlight where she’s always belonged.  Ready to make the biggest moves with her career to-date by partnering up with the incredible talent at AFQ Records, Isabella began to release new singles online towards the end of 2018, including her first verifiable hit, revealing the Urban Latin vibes flowing gorgeously throughout her signature sound to the world for the very first time on her song “La Cadera.”  Instantly adored by critics & fans, the support, love, and enthusiasm surrounding Isabella was complete confirmation that not only was she on the path she was meant to be on, but that the people approved.  She’d go on to rack up thousands of hits on “La Cadera” & continue to release a steady stream of singles online at the end of 2018, keeping the momentum surging with “Te Quiero Conocer” & “Ven Cerca.”

2019 has already proven to be another breakthrough year for Isabella García.  With the official release of her debut music-video, “La Cadera” found a whole new life onscreen and a whole new audience of listeners/viewers to go along with it.  She’s also put out her first brand-new single of the year, called “Explorar” – and there are absolutely no signs of this artist planning to slow down any time soon.  Quite the opposite in fact – she’s ready to lead the way to a better tomorrow with all kinds of inspired new songs & videos coming out all throughout the year as she makes her way to the top of charts & playlists worldwide.  Isabella radiates a genuine aura of a true love of music that can only be achieved through authentic sincerity, and a pure desire to create art that moves people from the mind, to the body, to the soul – join her quest to incite a musical revolution and be a part of a movement in music that matters. 

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